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MAPSAS and Corporates

As MAPSAS works in rejuvenating a lake, we reach out to corporates both for funding and for corporate community involvement. When a corporate funds the proceeds for a lake, it typically covers:

  1. The regular maintenance of the lake

  2. Execution of specific projects that MAPSAS envisages as extremely relevant for our lakes, namely:

  • Enabling mobile apps for study of flora / fauna

  • Enabling understanding of the history of the lake / identification of flora / fauna

  • Community participation through mobile applications for mapping of birds

  • Recording of observation pertaining to specific grid area of the lake

  • Study / implementation of sewage remediation technologies

  • Biodiversity surveys and creation of database for the same

In addition, MAPSAS is keen to engage corporates to:

  1. Engage the employees as volunteers for overall activities around the lake or for specific events

  2. Lead the employees/contribute in using technology to arrive at solutions for the identified specific projects listed above

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