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2018 Lake Activities

Jan- March

  • Deweeding in KVH lake

Apr - July


  • Harvested 1000 Kgs of Leaf compost to manure the plantations around the lake.

  • Set up a new composting unit

  • Dry leaves spread around the herb garden for mulching

  • Completed diversion drain project

Soul kere

  • Blocked all the sewage inlets with iron meshes to avoid debris entering the lake.

July - Sep


  • filled the tanks and got the toilets cleaned using the solar motor. Tomorrow they will take the water from the tank to water to herb garden.

  • Engagement with Rotary Kids - Field work at the lake - Padma has the details

  • Visit by butterfly specialist (presently working at the Raj Bhavan butterfly garden), she gave us many pointers. Firstly the current place is not appropriate as it is shaded, near the composting area is a ideal place provided the soil is not rocky.

  • The specialist will give us the list of names of plants that are needed. Post that we will get a estimate as to the cost. mud, manure, plants etc

  • Fisherman cooperative seeding the lake with Rohu and Kayla(sp). They've interoduced 40000 of each

  • Thanks to residents for joining hands to revive the butterfly garden. Special thanks to Dilip for leading the activity from start to end and some kids who passionately participated.. We had Mr. Damodharan a butterfly enthusiast coming all the way from Frezer town for the activity. We feel really happy to have reached the message to the other end of the town.

  • planted 125 plants of 25 different species.


  • Solar pump at Kasavanahalli lake is also successful. We can now fill the overhead tanks.


  • Around 300 volunteers from Genpact planted 500 saplings of shrubs and vegetable plants at Soule kere

July - December

  • KKH lake - Deweeding inside the lake

  • Clearing weeds on the bund

  • Manured butterfly garden with leaf compost and cow dung

  • Sowl kere - Deweeding inside the lake

  • Clearing weeds on the bund

  • KVH - Deweeding inside the lake

  • Clearing weeds on the bund

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