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Kasavanahalli Lake

Kasavanahalli kere is the lake immediately upstream to Kaikondrahalli lake. Over the last 5 years, the lake has transformed from a marshy wasteland to a beautiful waterbody and a thriving hunting ground for resident and migratory birds, complete with a natural wetland.



Rejuvenated in 2016-17

Current challenges – Sewage from Kasvanahalli Village side, Increasing flow of Sewage in the diversion drain from Harlur village side, fencing breaches in multiple places along Kasvanahalli village side making the lake open to trespassers 24x7, cattle herd violating usage of lake facilities by letting buffaloes enter the lake waters and damaging the fragile wetlands with large herds continuously grazing from dawn to dusk.

Achievements – The lake continues to hold water to its full capacity thanks to a good monsoon and is a safe residence for a wide variety of flora and fauna. There is a growing interest among users to contribute to the lake’s long term upkeep that has to translate into on ground volunteering and visible funding support.

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