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Kere Habba 2019

This Event is Now Completed

Thank you for making the Kere Habba 2019 a grand success. Here are the links to the photos from the event and news coverage

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5th Edition

The 5th edition  of this festival is a sunrise to sunset event that is being conducted to celebrate the gorgeous Kaikondrahalli Lake.  It is an amalgamation of music, theatre, fitness, art, design and fun - all talking the same idiom of ecology and environment.

We do expect a lot of foot falls for this event and as such would like all visitors to follow a simple set of guidelines and instructions to have a pleasant experience and leave the lake and its surroundings pristine and clean. Please read the below information carefully and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of our volunteers at the venue. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

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You can also do a spot registration. However, numbers are limited and its first-come first-serve basis till the run starts

Events List

Schedule 2019.jpg

Events Schedule

A day of exciting and interesting events lined-up for the day for adults and children. 

Events List

Music Concert.jpg

Music Concert

Come and get enthralled by soulful and melodious music by Bindu Malini.


Time - 3:30PM - 5:30PM at the Amphitheatre, Kaikondrahalli Lake.

Entry Free for All

Events List

Trapped on Lake Island.jpg

Trapped on Lake Island

Understand our lake as a complete ecosystem. Pre-registration required. 

Time: 9:30AM - 12 Noon at the Bridge Gazebo.

Events List

Art Under The Tree.jpg

Art Under The Tree

Calling children, parents and grand parents to come and create an art. All materials will be provided.


Time : 2PM - 3:30PM at the Kids Corner 

Entry Free for All

Events List

Film Workshop.jpg

Film Workshop

Got 2 minutes? Award winning filmmakers Priya and Sugandhi will lead a workshop on 2 minute film-making using tablets / phones. Please bring your device fully charged and with an app that can create a movie.

Time - 8AM - 4PM at the Kalyani Gazebo


Entry Free for All

Events List

Bangalore Through the Ages.jpg

BLR Through the Ages

Its the story of Bangalore -- from its modest origin in pre-medival times to the fascinating present as it came into its own as a modern mega city.

Time - 11AM - 11:45AM at the Food Court.


Entry Free for All

Events List

Reading Corner.jpg

Reading Corner

Come, sit and enjoy books with your children in the library set by Unnati library.

Time - 3PM - 5PM at the Kids Corner.


Entry Free for All

Events List



Come and learn how to compost waste and make it valuable.

Time - 12PM - 1PM at the Food Court.


Entry Free for All

Events List

Exploding Dots.jpg

Exploding Dots

Learn about the amazing revolutionary concept that changes the way we teach & learn mathematics. It is completely activity based. So bring a book & pen to experience the fun with Kiran.

Time - 3PM - 4:30PM at the Kids Corner.

Entry Free for All

Events List

Stories under the tree.jpg

Stories Under the Tree

Come listen to stories under the tree with Parvathy Eswaran, Meera Venkateshan and Ramya Sundararajan.

Time - 10AM and 4PM at the Kids Corner.

Entry Free for All

Events List

Science and Env.jpg

Science and Environment

Understand our environment scientifically and learn about simple steps that you, your friends and family can take.

Time - 10AM to 1PM at the Kids Corner.

Entry Free for All

Events List

World of Words.jpg

World of Words

Calling all the lovers of the written word to come and play exciting games that involves words.

Time - 10AM to 1PM at the Kids Corner.

Entry Free for All

Events List

Bird Walk.jpg

Bird Walk

Join Saravanan as he takes you around an exciting journey to watch birds of different kinds at the lake. Please come fully prepared with equipment for spotting and documenting birds.

Time - 6AM - 7:30AM at the Bridge Gazebo (assembly point)

Entry Free for All

Events List

Art and Craft.jpg

Art and Craft

Discover some cool pebble painting tips with Himani. Make your own no stitch bag from old T- shirts. Please bring along an old T-shirt. Turn clay into pots on the potter’s wheel with Lokesh. Let your children get hands on with art.

Time - All Day at the Kids Corner

Entry Free for All
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